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What (not) to wear for your family portrait

Plainer clothes are less distracting

“A huge thank you for the DVD, I absolutely love it. I can imagine myself watching it in years to come with a tear in my eye.”

—G Neal-Hughes, Dunblane

We do not believe in giving strict instruction on what your children should wear. Often parents and children have very particular ideas of what their favourite clothes are, so we feel you are best placed to make these decisions.

We can offer some general pointers however. Plainer clothes are usually better than striped or patterned, which can be distracting in the photograph. Because we are trying to produce 'natural' photographs, we also find that a slightly more casual approach tends to work better than the formal 'done up for the photographer' look.

Logos on clothing can date very quickly, but they also help place the images at a certain point in time, which you might argue is good thing – again the choice is yours.

Commission photos of your family

To arrange for Ken to photograph your children, please contact us.