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What happens on the day of your family portrait session

The younger ones get very excited

“I’d seen your work before and thought it was brilliant, but when you see your own kids like that it’s just breathtaking”

—G Kyle, Cambuslang

On arrival we sit down and discuss any special requirements you may have and this also lets the children get used to us being around. Ken will then have a quick look around your home to help him decide on the best locations for photographs. This is the part that often scares parents but don’t worry. Ken always finds what he is looking for and people are often pleasantly surprised at his choice of backdrops for the pictures.

Ken photographs your children individually and as a group, usually starting with the eldest as this gives the younger ones a chance to see what is going on. This is how it is supposed to work but we often find the younger ones get very excited and can't wait for their turn.

The whole session can take anything from 30 minutes to two hours - as long as is necessary for Ken to get the results he is after.

Commission photos of your children

To arrange for Ken to photograph your children, please contact us.