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Take Great Family Snaps: No 3 of 10 tips to improve your photos

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Up close and personal Including too much in the picture is a common fault with many holiday and family snaps. If you want to have really personal shots of your child, you should try getting in really close. A tightly framed head shot makes you concentrate on the eyes of your subject and gives a […]

Take Great Family Snaps: 10 tips to improve your photos

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No 1 – Camera at the ready “That would make a great picture”, words that never have to be spoken if you have your camera to hand. It is extremely important that you always have your camera ready to shoot, whether you are outside or in the house. Pictures of your children playing with their […]

Beautiful tears

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A large part of my time (well Lesley’s really) on a photo shoot is spent trying to get children to smile naturally. Most parents obviously want to have photographs of their children smiling and looking happy. It is very seldom that we don’t get the cheerful pics that are required but often it is the […]

Ken’s Tips on Your Pics: Post processing or finishing off

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Michelle has sent me this very tender photograph of her four year old twins. The expressions and stances shows the already developing and differing character of the boys. This is a beautifully taken shot but I feel it could be improved with a little bit of post-processing to make it even more captivating. I will […]

Ken’s Tips on Your Pics: The main focus


The photo in this tip doesn’t really have a fault in it but I have chosen it to show the difference the background makes to what you are trying to say in a picture. Christina is a very accomplished photographer, especially as she has only been doing it seriously for the last two years. As […]

Ken’s Tips on Your Pics: Through the looking glass


Olga has sent in this very tender photo of her friend’s daughter Dasha reflected in a mirror. Olga had just finished doing a photo-shoot of Dasha and had put her camera away when she saw the opportunity for this photo and pulled it out quickly to grab the shot. Olga is a very keen and […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Natural posing.


Elodie has sent me in this lovely photo of her children and she has asked me about a very specific problem concerning the focus of the picture. I will address this problem in a moment but first I would like to talk about the posing of the children in this pic. I often use a […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Watch the background

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Aimee has sent in this charming photo of her daughter saying she had almost done editing it and could I give her any tips on how to edit it further. Judging by the table and the Buzz Lightyear cup, I would guess that this pic was taken at a restaurant or diner. The fancy hat […]

Choosing a Family Photographer

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We are living in a time when almost every move we make is recorded by some kind of camera be it cctv, phones or the ones that we use to record our holidays and family. Every so often it’s nice to have our families recorded by a professional photographer who can not only produce beautiful […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Move your feet!

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An old friend of mine has sent in this lovely photograph that he took when on holiday. The strength of this image comes from the beautiful colours and the natural pose of the little boy. I really love the visual joke of the boy holding the lid of a paint tin and that he is […]