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The October competition winner is Beth

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Yet another very close competition this month with Beth and Arianna swapping first place many times. Beth however pulled away at the end to win with a magnificent 96 votes, our highest score by far. Arianna finished with 87 votes which would have won any of the previous competitions but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Natural posing.


Elodie has sent me in this lovely photo of her children and she has asked me about a very specific problem concerning the focus of the picture. I will address this problem in a moment but first I would like to talk about the posing of the children in this pic. I often use a […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Watch the background

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Aimee has sent in this charming photo of her daughter saying she had almost done editing it and could I give her any tips on how to edit it further. Judging by the table and the Buzz Lightyear cup, I would guess that this pic was taken at a restaurant or diner. The fancy hat […]

Choosing a Family Photographer

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We are living in a time when almost every move we make is recorded by some kind of camera be it cctv, phones or the ones that we use to record our holidays and family. Every so often it’s nice to have our families recorded by a professional photographer who can not only produce beautiful […]