How to vote in my Facebook competitions

1) On Facebook go to Ken Sharp Photographer and click the ‘Like’ button next to the title Ken Sharp Photographer. This means that you ‘Like’ my Page and will be kept informed of any future competitions or special offers. I don’t have access to any of your private information and won’t be bothering you all the time.

2) Click on the latest competition post (which should be very near or at the top of the Page). This will open up the album with all the pics in the latest competition. If there is only one photo showing you can scroll through the others by clicking the Next or Previous buttons.

3) Choose the pic that you would like to vote on and then click on it. This will then become the only pic on the page. Under the photo to the left you will see Comment and Like. Click on the Like link. You have now voted for that photo. You can also leave a comment if you wish but remember that you have to click Like to vote. (There are also a Comment and Like links above the comments that have been left and they can also be used instead of the ones at the bottom left of the photo.)

Please only vote for one picture in each competition. The winners will be announced the day the competition ends. You can see the rules here.

You can remove my Page after the competition but I hope that you will want to stay on and you can also send in your pics if you would like to participate in Ken’s Tips On Your Pics, where I give advice on how you can take better photos of your family.

Thank you and good luck


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