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Frequently asked questions about family portrait photography

You can order prints in colour or black & white

“Thank you for the beautiful photographs – they are stunning and I am really pleased”

—Head, Lathom School

Even an old shed can create a dramatic picture

“I can't believe the beautiful picture of my daughter was taken in the dirty old outhouse!”

—Samantha Sunderland

How long does a session last?

Photography sessions last anything from an hour to two hours – long enough for Ken to get the results he needs.

What should we wear on the day?

Ken leaves the choice up to parents but he does recommend clothing without strong design or patterns so as not to detract from the face. Above all, the children must feel comfortable and if Ken thinks that something definitely will not work, he can always ask for a change – another advantage of taking pictures in your home.

How long until we see our pictures?

Usually we will be able to show you your pictures within two weeks of your session.

Can we order in colour as well?

All pictures are available in colour and black & white. Ken will help you with your choice if you find it difficult to decide.

Is there an ideal age for photographing babies?

It's nice to capture all the stages of your child's development and Ken has photographed babies as young as three days old.

Is my home suitable for the photo session?

Children tend to be more relaxed and natural in their own home and Ken also believes that the pictures are as much for them when they grow up as for the parents – even the tiniest details in the background of a picture can bring childhood memories flooding back.

Sometimes what parents think of as the most unpromising rooms can create striking and dramatic photographs; they can be dismayed to see Ken taking pictures in disused attics or garden sheds, but are often astounded by the results.

How many pictures do we get to choose from?

Ken will shoot a variety of photos around your home and often, weather permitting, will continue the session in the garden or at a local park. We will then narrow the selection down to about 40-60 pics for you to choose from.

Do we have to buy a set amount of photos?

Included in your sitting fee is one of our medium sized prints (17x26cm). As you choose from your own personal video slideshow, in the comfort of your home, you have the time and freedom to make your own selection. There is absolutely no pressure for you to buy pictures and Ken is only a phone-call away if you would like any advice.

Do my children need to be perfectly behaved?

We have enjoyed working with children for over 15 years and see it as a priority for the photo-sessions to be fun. Getting children to be co-operative isn’t a problem if they are having a good time.

What do the parents have to do on the day?

When we arrive, we have a chat with the parents to explain what is going to happen and this also gives the children a chance to get used to us being there. Depending on the age of the children, it is good if the parents are close by to make them feel safe and sometimes we will ask mum or dad to be on tissue duty for the younger ones. Usually the less the adults have to do, the better. Quite often after a shoot, we get asked if we do baby-sitting.

What's the best way to view my photos?

Digital photography has drastically changed the way we now look at our pictures. Gone are the days of an old shoe box filled with envelopes of pics from Boots. Most people now keep a gallery of their pics on their phone and view them on large screen TVs. Those wanting to display them on the wall are no longer restricted to a framed 10x8 but can choose from a vast array of different options and sizes. Most people probably view images on social media, a great way of sharing your family pics with distant friends and relatives.

For this reason we supply digital images as well as prints and albums, allowing you to choose how you view and share the photographs of your children.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question that's not answered here, please ask us and we'll do our best to help!

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