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Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Keep it natural

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I have enjoyed seeing all of the ‘starting school’ pics that have been appearing on Facebook recently. Seeing the children dressed up ready for their first day at school and full of optimism takes me back to my own schooldays and shows how important photography is in recording our lives. Bruce says he is pleased […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Natural v studio?


Frank has sent in this very nice picture of Morgan. He tells me that he has been taking portraits for six months and that he has recently started using Photoshop. This is a very accomplished photograph for someone so inexperienced and wouldn’t look out of place in most High Street photographers’ windows. He has used […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: The ‘complete’ picture!

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Linn has sent in this picture that I take to be her daughter in a garden. She is sitting on a raised bed of flowers, the photo was obviously taken at night and though difficult to see there is a building behind with a light on (showing in the top right of the pic). There […]

Ken’s Tips For Your Pics: Framing the pic!

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Claire has sent me in this lovely photo of her son Bruno. I do like pictures of children that are engrossed in play, where the camera is merely recording a moment rather than spoiling it, as happens when you ask the subject to smile for the camera. Even worse is when the poor child is […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: How we read photos

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Andy has sent me two pics, one of his boys and one of his daughter. I am going to look at the one of his sons and pick out the visual clues that help us ‘read’ a photograph. The mind picks up on these clues, often subconsciously, and helps us create a story that makes […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Keep it simple!

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This is a lovely ‘story’ photo. The name tags on Finn and his mum tell you that they have just got home from the hospital and I really like the protective way the baby is being held. Finn’s dad took this under mum’s direction, obviously from a high viewpoint, which gives an original and striking […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Choose your location.


Hi Ken – I like this photo of my daughter but what could I have done to make it better? Carol. Well Carol, I’m afraid that this photo suffers from some of the problems that affect many family snaps. To start with the first thing that you should do is turn off the date stamp […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: Look for the crop

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This is a lovely photo Eilidh, a cute subject in a wonderful setting. I always like pictures of children that look lost in their own little world. Callan taken by Eilidh The composition in this picture is very strong with the contrast between the close up of Callan in the grass and the rolling, heather […]

Ken’s Tips On Your Pics: It’s not the camera, it’s the pic!

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This is the first in what I hope will be a long running series of tips on how to help you take better photographs of your children. Post your favourite family pic (or one you feel isn’t quite successful and would like to know why) on my Facebook page and I will pick out the […]

9) Play around with your images

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Once you have a nice image there are still lots of techniques that can be used to enhance the picture or you can just play around with it for fun. A client has sent me some pics that I took of his children on a recent shoot. He has used a programme called ToonIt to […]