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Take Great Family Snaps: No 5 of 10 tips to improve your photos

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Get down with the kids. When photographing smaller children you will get much better results if you get down to their level. Always looking down on them means that the pics often appear to be from an adult’s viewpoint, so therefore don’t have the feeling of intimacy that you will get from taking the photographs at […]

Ruth Rendell

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One of Britain’s best loved crime writers has just died, at the age of 85. I photographed a series of writers in the early 80’s and the photograph I did of her has always been a favourite of mine.

Take Great Family Snaps: No 4 of 10 tips to improve your photos

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Looking for the light. Your camera is a tool for capturing light and you should train yourself to be sensitive to its many varying qualities. The soft light from a window on an overcast day will create a very different mood from the harsh light of noon-day sun. Landscape photographers often take their pictures in […]