Take Great Family Snaps: No 2 of 10 tips to improve your photos

Never say cheese: capturing a lovely smile

Everyone loves a big, natural smile in a photograph but most parents find this difficult to capture.
The fixed, unnatural grin is probably the most common fault that I see in photographs of children and the most difficult child for me to photograph is the one who has been trained to say cheese at the first sight of a camera.
Saying cheese (or any other of the ‘magic’ words) does not produce a natural smile, usually it results in a grimace that will not show your child at their best. Try giving your subject something to look happy about. Tell a joke or do something silly and you will probably get a lovely warm smile, maybe even a very natural laugh. Asking for a very serious face can result in a fit of the giggles and without too much effort you have the desired result.
You will find that not only will you get better results but your children will enjoy being photographed and won’t groan every time you get out the camera.

A lovely smile

Harry’s lovely smile


This is the second in a series of ten tips on how to take better photographs of your children. The rest will be posted in the next few weeks. Please email me (ken@kensharp.com) if you have any questions about portrait photography or submit one of your own photos for inclusion in Ken’s Tips On Your Pics.

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