Take Great Family Snaps: 10 tips to improve your photos

No 1 – Camera at the ready

“That would make a great picture”, words that never have to be spoken if you have your camera to hand.

It is extremely important that you always have your camera ready to shoot, whether you are outside or in the house. Pictures of your children playing with their favourite doll, climbing a tree in the garden or just covered in breakfast; these are the images that you will treasure when they are grown. The moment may pass by the time you find the camera at the back of the drawer and remove it from its case.

Taking pics of the kids as they do normal things around the house also helps them get used to behaving naturally in front of the camera, they will hardly notice that you are photographing them after a few times. When you are out and about with your family try to keep your camera out, or at least use a case that allows you to remove it quickly.

Of course, most photographs are taken on phones now and almost everyone carries one with them, so there is no excuse not to grab that candid moment.

It doesn’t matter how good your camera is if you miss the shot. The best camera is the one you have with you.


Try to capture moments as they happen

Try to capture moments as they happen


This is the first in a series of ten tips on how to take better photographs of your children. The rest will be posted in the next few weeks. Please email me (ken@kensharp.com) if you have any questions about portrait photography or submit a photo for inclusion in Ken’s Tips On Your Pics.

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