3 sister at 11

Over the years we have heard lots of different reasons for parents wanting to have their children photographed. Some like to do it as a one off, others every year to mark the passing of time, some as each new child comes along, or to capture the baby features before they turn into a toddler; the reasons are many and varied.

A few years ago Claudia approached us to photograph her eldest daughter Tilda as she was turning eleven. We were surprised that she didn’t want her other daughters Ines and Evie photographed at the same time.

Claudia explained to us:
“This was something I’d wanted to do for a while but having three children close together in age is busy – it was never top of the priority list. Then I had a brainwave, sparked by knowing the eldest girl, Tilda, was about to have braces fitted. She was growing up so fast and there seemed to be no way of slowing it down… but if I offered her a photo session as an 11th birthday gift, then she’d get the album full of pictures of how she looked before her teeth were covered in tinsel. Maybe it would then do something for both of us – she’d know the braces weren’t forever, and we’d have frozen that lovely moment in time – the moment as a little girl starts to leave the child behind.

It was such a success that we followed up with the other two, Ines and then Evie, both on their eleventh birthdays, to make it ‘fair’ (and we all know how important that is). Evie’s were done last year and she’s all wired up now – but now Tilda and Ines braces are off and they’ve loved their albums so much Tilda’s asked if they can revisit the experience on their 16th birthdays.

I didn’t set out to do this – it just sort of happened this way, with the birthday a good way of making it happen – but I think getting a sitting for each daughter at the same age was a really beautiful way to preserve something of that childhood in time. I’m sure, as even more time goes by, we’ll appreciate the pictures more and more.”

I really enjoyed working on this project, an original take on looking at the family and was delighted with the result – three beautiful sisters at the age of eleven.


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