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Clients have your say


This section is for you to leave any comments you wish to make about the service we provide. Were you pleased with the results or are there things that you think we could do better? Please feel free to give any advice that may be helpful to us or to parents thinking of having us photograph their children.

2) Cut the flash to create mood

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I try to never use flash when photographing children. As well as being very distracting it also ruins the atmosphere that natural light can give. When working on magazines I used to have situations where I was forced to use flash and tried hard to make it look natural, but now I love capturing the varying moods of available light.

A busy July!


July has been our busiest month since we started doing family portraits eight years ago. As well as doing the most jobs in a single month we also covered a lot of ground in the UK, photographing families from Glasgow, Fife, London, Surrey, the South Coast and Yorkshire. All that just after returning from visiting my new grandson in Australia. Pretty exhausting but we do enjoy travelling.

1) Never say cheese


The most difficult child for me to photograph is the one who has been trained to say cheese at the first sight of a camera. Saying cheese does not produce a natural smile, usually it results in a grimace that will not show your child at his or her best.

Hello, welcome to my blog!

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Here you will find any news and comments that I think you may be interested in. Over the coming months, work commitments and time permitting, I will be posting a series of tips to help you improve the quality of your family pics.